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Delight Your Husband Book: A Christian wife's manual to passion & confidence in intimacy

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I take a wife by the hand and walk through all of her reservations, insecurities, and fears to become fierce, confident, and sexy inside and out! You don't need to continue to feel insecure and nervous in the bedroom, God gives you the green light to have wonderful intimacy and I'll show you exactly what He says about it. You will come out of this course feeling great in spicing up the bedroom! 

Becoming sexually free and confident in marriage is not automatic and doesn't happen overnight. There are many places in a wife's heart that need tender guidance, acceptance, and truth to get there. It is a process---it was for me! I've been through far too much pain in intimacy to not share with wives what we can do to make sex a joy rather than a chore. My aim is to walk with you in this journey and get to the other end fully alive, passionate and totally confident in the sexual woman God created you to be in your marriage. This DYH book/course is your key to lasting, fulfilling intimacy. 

Why do I talk specifically about particular flavor of physical intimacy (oral sex)? Honestly, it was the thing that made me (and just about every other woman I've met) squirm the most. It was the act that seemed so unholy and inappropriate that I couldn't bring myself to think about it, much less try. Or on the rare chance I did, I felt silly, humiliated and even ashamed. But where was I supposed to turn to for advice in this area? (And it's the one thing men want often even more than intercourse, because of the intimacy/depth of love it speaks to them...I'll have MUCH more to share on this in the book!). 

So, after a long growing process involving A LOT...I wrote this resource. 

Now being on the other side of this knowledge, I know that if a wife masters this amazing area of intimacy, she has all the tools and understanding to truly be confident and free in every area of sex. 

When you go through this process, guided by DYH, you will come out on the other side having discovered your true value, God's design and purposes for sex in all it's flavors, understanding your husband's heart and body, then gradually and practically given the tools to have amazing intimacy (even if you don't know where to start!)

Included in this book... 

-is the Delight Your Husband book

-is the DYH Workbook (included at the end of every chapter) that will help you to deconstruct your concerns and learn how your past is plaguing you. Move through your past to actually enjoy passion in your marriage!

-are "Steamy ToDos" to help the wife slowly move into the more spicy actions. None of us change in one day, it's a process. So, I give you small bite-size tasks to start you in your journey towards complete confidence.

-Bedroom Talk Laws- what to say and what not to say to keep the passion alive!

-Sexy Self Talk Outline - how to get in the confidence & mood to go for it!

You will discover: 

-how he thinks about sex and other flavors of sex

-what God thinks about marital love making

-how you can feel empowered, confident, free, and fierce

-how he thinks about sex and oral pleasure

-how his member works in and out of the bedroom

-what to do when you get tired doing oral pleasure

-10 positions for your comfort and his pleasure

-16 techniques that maximize enjoyment

-how to feel competent and sexy in wonderful intimacy with your spouse!

This book is in digital format. The download will be sent to your inbox immediately. 

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Delight Your Husband Book: A Christian wife's manual to passion & confidence in intimacy

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